& MundusPlus
((MAİB / TURKISH MACHINERY)) Machinery Exporters’ Association was established in 2002 to expand and boost Turkish machinery exports and enhance the share of high-value-added products within total exports. We track all industry-related matters through 23 different product groups and have over 20,000 members. ((MundusPlus)) We, the Machinery Exporters’ Association, Pledge to the World! “MundusPlus” refers to the cosmos, the world, humans, and humanity. And “MundusPlus” is an umbrella brand based on the desire to achieve a more habitable and sustainable world — a new world that consumes less and creates more. It attempts to determine what the industry’s strategy and action plan should be and how to execute it. In addition to including all our activities and efforts, this website will compile references to the entire global literature on sustainability principles.
Representing the unity and continuity of the cosmos and life, the MundusPlus brand symbolizes the integrity of our programs and strategies that we, as Machinery Exporters’ Association, will be cementing through numerous sustainability projects. Our Association has achieved global integration and upgraded its information generation capacity to universal standards in the 20 years since its establishment. This brand is our Association’s gift to industrialists.