MAİB / Turkish Machinery

Machinery Exporters’ Association was established in 2002 to expand and boost Turkish machinery exports and enhance the share of high-value-added products within total exports. We track all industry-related matters through 23 different product groups and have over 20,000 members.

Our primary goal is to encourage sustainable exports, and we highly value diversifying products, markets, and relations. In light of modern manufacturing architecture, we continuously keep in our focus all capacities and matters that directly or indirectly impact exports, including innovative and high-quality human capital, competitive and cutting-edge manufacturing infrastructure, digitalization, and industrial cooperation.

Our members have traveled to all corners of the world and developed commercial relations with all nations and geographies. As the umbrella organization of the industry, we consider it our duty of national value to process and spread all data we can collect and have all our members participate in our technical and commercial relations.

Our world is changing, and our industry is growing, transforming, and adapting. We are now facing a new challenge. We must reconsider all components of our operations, particularly those relating to manufacturing, from materials to energy and waste, with a mindset and a perspective to render all stages and spheres of life and the economic chain more habitable, comfortable, and equitable.


We, Machinery Exporters’ Association, Pledge to the World! “MundusPlus” refers to the cosmos, the world, humans, and humanity. And “MundusPlus” is an umbrella brand based on the desire to achieve a more habitable and sustainable world — a new world that consumes less and creates more. It attempts to determine what the industry’s strategy and action plan should be and how to execute it. In addition to including all our activities and efforts, this website will compile references to the entire global literature on sustainability principles.

Our knowledge and experience will extend with your contributions, and we will create a better, more habitable world together.
All who pledge to the world are welcome on our page!